About Me

Growing up in rural New Zealand, i'm no stranger to keeping myself occupied, and from a young age that meant making short films.

I started with an old discarded flip phone, taking small videos and stitching them together to make stop motions. From there I was gifted a small digital camera and the rest is history. 


I was always supported by my parents to try my luck at entering short film competitions before exceeding in high school with an award in media studies excellence that I then used in applying to University for a bachelor of arts honours degree in Film Production.  

Whilst at uni, I had the opportunity to be around like minded people, all of which having different passions in Sound, Editing, Production Design, Cinematographer and / or Directing, whilst having the privilege of being able to try out some new roles myself. 

Whilst there, I confirmed my suspicions, and could rest assure that cinematography was my game. 

In-between study, I was fortunate enough to get on a few sets. I became proficient at set etiquette, before being given the opportunity to lead teams of people as a Cinematographer or Key Grip, and in both cases, I felt a great deal of satisfaction at the positive return of leading a well working team to hit time constraints and yield high quality work without compromising.