About Me.


I like to think that I’m just as much the country kid as the day I left the safety of a small rural town, famous for milk in the middle of nowhere New Zealand. I like to think I’m still strongly connected to the environment, animals and the outdoors, and I like to think that my passion for film, photography and capturing the feeling or mood of a scene has only grown as the years have passed.


Going from a school of barely 120 kids; about 99% of which were a single ethnicity, only ever living in the same house and only knowing the people I had grown up with, to moving to South East Asia, into an international school of over 1200 students where I am the complete minority was in no way easy, but it was one of the most eye opening and exciting points of my seventeen years of life that I can truly say has changed me, what I think of myself and the world around me. It opened up new paths, new ideas and inspiration. My imagination has only continued to grow from the small country boy to the international student I am today.


I grew up with no internet, no Netflix or Facebook, and what was on TV normally sucked. So little me would have to come up with new ways to entertain himself on those boring rainy Sunday afternoons. Somedays he would maybe go outside to climb a tree, swim in the river or ride a bike. But on one particular day Hugo decided to take a Samsung flip-top phone equipped with something like a one mega pixel camera on the back. Blue-tacking it to a chair in front of a chalk board and drawing a stick figure. He took a photo, redrew the stick figure and did it again. He repeated this over and over, and with the help of his Dad, they put all these photos together and created a video of the stick figure walking across the board.


This was my very first piece of work.


I really enjoyed doing this, and I wanted to see how I could make it better, so I did it again; only this time the stick figure fell into quick sand, and then another one, this time the stick figure would disappear into a cloud of smoke. This is where the origin of the passion started. This is where my imagination began to turn its cogs and from here I went to creating stop motions with clay, paper, real people. Seven year old me was so pleased with these animations he would bring them into school for his class to watch, there was nothing he loved more than people smiling while watching his own work. There still isn’t.


Eventually I got some friends (Hurray!). Really good friends, I still have them today. These two friends shared my interest in film, we all loved to create films, so much so that almost every other weekend they would come to my house and we would create one. We all knew they were terrible, but we were proud of them none the less and I still have them with me today (not that they will ever see the light). These weekends turned into something I would look forward to, I think we all did. More and more ideas arose, and my father's new computer was powerful enough to run some real editing software. With the new capabilities of 'Final Cut Pro X', we all started to experiment with green screen, smoke, explosions. You know, all the boy stuff.